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Ghost Riding

So in my local AMC theater, they're running a commercial for an app that lets you take a picture of yourself and see how you would look as Ghost Rider.  You know, from Ghost Rider 2, in theaters this somethingth of something? I couldn't find any online mention or reference to the app in a 5 minutes' search just now, but that's okay.  This app is pretty much the equivalent of one of those big plywood sheets with a scene of mermaids, or the film Aliens, on the front and holes cut out for your family to stick their faces through and get a picture taken.

But there's one key element the Interactive Online Consultants for this movie tie-in may have missed out on.  You know what Nic Cage looks like as Ghost Rider?

You know what I would look like as Ghost Rider?

You know what my friend from high school Kevin would look like as Ghost Rider?

You know what Kevin's wife would look like as Ghost Rider?




Being a big fiery skullhead is pretty central to the whole Ghost Riding experience, from what I can tell.

Where's the app that lets me know what I look like as a bereaved land baron in the hot new The Descendants viral marketing?