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Upcoming Performances: October 2011

Some places you can see me sometime soon, mostly doing standup: -Matt Mira's Day Off: Open mic at Meltdown Comics most Sunday nights, but I'm guaranteed to be on and bringing democracy to the people, 5:30pm, 10/9

-Pigs' Meat:  A Science-Fiction Tragicomedy for the Swinish Multitude: A play by Lewis Sequeira (there's time travel in it). Dangerfield's II, 9pm, 10/10

-FLOODLAMP 8: Havana Nights. Outdoor open mic comedy performed with megaphones, hosting, 3201 Verdugo Ave in Burbank, 7pm, 10/14

-Dangerfield's II, Showcasing, I'll be opening boxes. 6pm, 10/15

-Pizza Day 3, Lamppost Pizza in Simi Valley.  I'll be opening boxes again. 7pm, 10/21

-Dangerfield's II Open Mic, hosting, 6pm 10/22

-Better Radio LIVE!  The first ever live production of my podcast Better Radio, an almost entirely scripted sketch comedy show, featuring favorite transmissions from our previous episodes and all new material.  Starring G. Maximilian Zarou, Diana Wright, Asterios Kokkinos, and TIM GREER, along with Russell August Anderson on the wall of sound. Dangerfield's II, 9pm, 10/24

-Better Radio presents: Friends of Better Radio! - Our October 24th show has been postponed until November.  Many of the very same performers will be putting on a different show instead.  Still at Dangerfield's II, still at 9pm, still on 10/24.

-FLOODLAMP 9: Another round of open megaphone comedy and frankly, one of the best open shows in town.  Solid performers that stay to watch the show, but not so many you're there all night, which is convenient since the last time we overstayed our welcome the Burbank PD sent a helicopter.  3201 Verdugo Ave in Burbank, hosting, 7pm, 10/28

Coming up in November: Better Radio Live (for real this time), an encore presentation of Pigs' Meat, hopefully some more cool booked shows!