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Stand-up: Showcase at Dangerfield's 2 09/17/11

I've been getting up and performing a lot this month.  I think I've had 16 sets in the past 15 days, and I'm just starting to book some longer shows and things that aren't open mics, which feels great. I've been reluctant to post some of the stuff from just a couple weeks ago that would be new to you, because I'm still in the very early levels of the stand-up class* and gaining XP all the time** so that set from a week ago where something went well is already eclipsed by rewrites and better performances.

So even though I would say I've already got half a dozen ways to make this set better, this was a pretty successful show.  Have a look, IF YOU DARE!

*'class' like a D&D*** reference****.  I am not enrolled in a stand-up comedy course.

**In addition to living life by the rules of an adventure game (take everything that's not nailed down, save before trying something dangerous, talk to everyone you meet) I think that RPGs' system of gathering experience is a remarkably good simulation.  Also, I sometimes think of jokes in terms of modifiers and bonuses.  For instance, I successfully pull off a 'closing parentheses' at 8:20, and then fail my roll to do it again at 8:30

***Dungeons & Dragons

****I've never actually played D&D***, I just think it's kind of neat.