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Floodlamp 5: Jason Takes Manhattan

I happened to notice, when I should be working, that I'm getting some traffic from people googling for the Floodlamp Open Megaphone show. I think it might get its own tumblr or something soon, but until then, brave searchers and surfers, know that Floodlamp 5: Jason Takes Manhattan will be happening on Friday, September 9th, 2011.

The picnic and pre-show party begins around 7pm.  Bring some food to share, or just mooch off everybody else.  Bring a blanket or a lawn chair if you want one.  And bring your jokes to tell.  We'll give you 3-5 minutes (depending on attendance) to tell your jokes to fellow comics and disaffected suburban youths through one of our decidedly classy megaphones.  The show, hosted by Rob Schultz and Jason Van Glass, won't start until it's dark enough outside to activate the Floodlamp, and even then probably not until close to 8pm.

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The show is done in front of Burbank's abandoned public swimming pool.  There's a parking lot for parking your automobile at or about 3201 Verdugo Ave, also useful for the googular mapping. As is this