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STANDUP: Matt Mira's Day Off @ Meltdown Comics, 07/18/11

Tonight's all-new episode: Dial B for Charity! This was a new standup experience for me. I kind of disassociated, just thinking about what my hands were doing, and looking around to see what different people thought about the bit, while the rest of me told some jokes.


FCP-X Production Notes:

  1. I played around a little with filters to make me sound like a Robot, or a Monster, or both! (but turned them off before making the file, thank you)
  2. I tried making this in the same timeline as the last clip, and it doesn't seem to allow exporting a selection, only whole timelines.  But that sounds like one of those things people post angrily  about and then the answer is right in the manual, so I probably just didn't figure it out.
  3. I did a nice job curbing the excessive UM and AH from my speech, mostly.  And then I started saying LIKE.  Weird. But errant syllables are no match for the power of editing!