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Lies FCPX Told Me

Continuing to experiment with FCP-X. Oddly enough, I'm using it most for audio editing so far. The latest was a demo of how I could ensmarten myself by just removing 2 minutes of um-ing and ah-ing and pausing for thought from a segment of my appearance on The Projection Room podcast with Marco & Rebecka Duran.

The actual editing was fast and easy, and in all my previous time with FCP, I don't think I understood why I'd use the Range Select tool, and now I do. But exporting was a problem. It failed repeatedly and then told me:

Except, it didn't.  I could click okay and continue using FCPX.  It was like it couldn't handle the request I was making and just tried to distract me with a different problem.   A reboot solved this, for whatever reason.

"Excuse me, this isn't the sandwich I ordered." "I'm very sorry sir, but our restaurant is on fire."

In case you missed out on my guest shot, here's an excerpt from the show discussing one of my favorite movies you've never heard of, The Wizard of Speed and Time.