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My dream...

Apparently, one of my hobbies lately has been writing most of a new post and then saving it and then not finishing it at all.  But what I wish my hobby had been lately is... Polluting bittorrent trackers with copies of films that are indistinguishable from the original.  Except that I've gone through and replaced any existing titles with virtually identical titles that match in content and size, motion, function, etc.  And they're in some asinine typeface like Mead Bold.

I'd sneak my way on to trackers under a variety of addresses and accounts, seed my copies of popular movies, and vanish into the night!

This would work especially well on movies where the title doesn't display until the very end of the film.  It'd be hard to check for, and make a lot of piratey people swear.





I can't quite decide if it's better on a serious movie or a ridiculous movie:


I like the laziness of this one:

And I suppose this was a given:

Now all I need is the maniacal fanbase that can spread out and do my evil bidding for me...