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A brief list.

Mr. Hodgman recommends 30 minutes of writing.  I got a bit of a late start, but 22 minutes is like a network half-hour of writing. For your Convenience, A List of Popular Cardboard Box Manufacturers of the Victorian era, in order of preference of the throne:

  • Henry Handsome's Handsome Hardy Boxes, LTD
  • East India Boxworth & Son Co.
  • Jeff's Single Large Box Enterprise
  • Martin Luther's 95 Original Box Sizes
  • Lafayette's Perfumed Boxerie
  • Thaddeus's Famous Cardboard
  • Driptight Sealweather Solid Box Industries
  • Omnidyne Modern Boxes
  • Microsoft not-from-the-future BoxCo.
  • The Rootin' Tootin' American Cardboard Boxes of Mr. Samuel C. Houston
  • Chulmsby & Horne Boxes of Swiss Design
  • Fred's Ordinary Corrugation Box System
  • August Anderson's Fantastic Fireproof Paper Safes
  • J. Josiah Joseph's Giant Cardboard Contraptions and also Boxes
  • Ford
  • Cardboard Containers by Henrietta
  • The Blacksmith's Buddy(, as seen in The Strand!)
  • Hope Chests by Alan Crest
  • Cage's Cages
  • Burford Blameswatter's Cureall Cardboard Combinations
  • The Old English Box Manufacturer of Sussex
  • Horrace Rigben
  • Herman, Homson, & Goat
  • Cobbler's Union #722 local
  • Aberdeen Magnificent Boxenmacher
  • Mosey Kinds Creedy Boxes
  • John Wilkes Box
  • The Second Original Church Street Box Foundry
  • Bouxchard's
  • Smithchester Leeches Chests and Rock Tumblers, LLC
  • Irregular Box Builders of Iverness
  • A Box For Your Worries Box Shop
  • The Rose & Cardboard Box Tavern
  • Boxes and Boxes of Sedition
  • The Anti-Imperial Box Corporation of "London"