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2010 of movies

Hey friends, did you have a SpoooOOOOooOOooooky Thanksgiving?  I sure hope so. I've held off on a lot of movie postings because I thought I was saving them for something else.  That may or may not be true.  Last year, I threw darts at the upcoming movie schedule, and checked on my predictions for the year before.  I bet I'm about to do it again!

I saw 27 releases of 2010, according to IMDB, and two of those are movies I worked on, so they might not count. I was so deluged with work in the second half of the year that my own movie-viewing took a real dive.  Collecting links to my projects is another subject, but the output from this year surpasses previous years in quality.  I'd recommend actually checking some of this stuff out!  This year, I managed to see ZERO of the movies on my 'not interested' prospectus, and almost everything on my A-List, with an appropriate gradient in between.

Okay, so top ten? Keeping in mind this is going to be more than a third of the new releases I saw this year, and I apparently haven't seen most of 'the critics'' favorites for the year:  The Town, The Book of Eli, Shutter Island, Buried, Inception, How to Train Your Dragon, Iron Man 2, Knight and Day, and...let's say Red and Scott Pilgrim. [[UPDATE:  Very happy to say that some late entries, True Grit and The King's Speech, certainly belong on this list more than some of the original entries]]

Worst Thing? The Last Airbender.  There's an essay from around the time of its release that I'll tack up here soon that elaborates, but it would be a remarkable feat for any other film to make so many perfectly wrong choices.  The source material is wonderful, and this was staggeringly un-wonderful in every way.

I just don't understand... Exit Through the Gift Shop & The Social Network.  At least with the latter I can comprehend how people can like it, although perhaps not why folks I've met have very seriously compared it to Citizen Kane.  With the former, I just couldn't find what was supposed to be awesome or surprising or...interesting.

Kind of disappointed by... Carlos, Frozen, Monsters, The Sorcerer's Apprentice.

Exactly what I might have hoped for... Catfish, Kevin Smith: Too Fat for 40!, Machete, Predators, Red.

2009's from last year's list I caught up on... include Whip It, In The Loop, Big Fan, 9, and The Road, in approximate order of enjoyment.

2010's I apparently missed... Toy Story 3, Black Swan, The King's Speech, Greenberg, Ghost Writer, The Fighter, Waiting for Superman.  I'm just guessing by now.  It doesn't seem like I've heard anyone talking about movies they've liked that I need to go see.

Coming soon: 2011 picks, bottled up one-line reviews and longer movie writing, roundup of places to see my stuff online, and a framed picture of a moose!  And I might watch Lost next year.

And by the by, my movie count seems to be at or near 1,740, which indicates that I got through about 228 movies this year, along with several TV series (which include Walking Dead, Rubicon, Eastbound and Down 1, Trailer Park Boys 1-4, Better off Ted 1, QI 1-2, An Idiot Abroad, Community & Modern Family, Avatar 1, Battlestar Galactica 3-4, The Wire 1, The Daily Show, and undoubtedly some others), and most of that was in the first six months of the year, prior to busy-ness with business.