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Two memories, no charge

In second grade, in reading groups, at St. Pascal Baylon, the teacher for our group made fun of me for not grasping the concept of blindness.  She described it as being 'just like having your eyes closed all the time.'  But, if my eyes are closed, I can still distinguish when a light is turned on in a dark room, for instance.  We went around on this point a couple of times.

A couple years ago, I worked for someone who would, perhaps once a week or so, tell me "You look just like Mike Myers." and if one of his friends or family members was near by, he'd bring them over to weigh in on my similarities to Mike.  He needed confirmation so much that I would get asked my opinion on the matter too.  "That depends," I'd say, "serial killer Mike Myers [from Halloween], or comedian Mike Myers [from SNL]?"  Neither, it turns out.  Just a guy they knew.

I'm not sure why the above never got posted back in May, but I hope you all had yet another SpoooOooOOOOOoky ThaaaAAaaankgiiiIIiving!