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#1,514: KRAA! The Sea Monster

Surviving Disaster ended last month.  Better Radio rages on.  Applied for UCB's Maude and Beta teams.  Writing a lot of things.  Booked holiday plane tickets.  Watched some movies.  Watching movies faster than I'm writing 2 liners about 'em though, so I'm just going to do that in sections for a little while. -The Last Temptation of Christ - Courtesy of the hulu.  Started off funny.  Became less so.

-Let the Right One In - Cool, especially for explaining what happens to a vampire who ISN'T invited in.  I may have been late to the scene, but at least I saw it before the remake.

-Secret Beyond the Door... - Not a very good secret, frankly.  The orchestra liked this movie significantly more than I did.

-Closed Mondays and Your Face and Kiwi! -Animated shorts, like you read about, presuming you read about short films, or animation, or something.  Maybe a general interest publication with a particular focus this month on award-winning short subjects.  Kiwi was great.

-Shooter - I guess if they explained the shock reveal of the last couple minutes at the beginning when it was equally valid, it wouldn't be much of a movie.  Certainly, Marky Mark wouldn't've had to commit the dozens of murders he ought to be prosecuted for instead.

-Battle for Terra - Humans are the invaders! Oh no!  It wasn't clear why flying creatures need flying machines, or what they have to fear from falling.I think it looked good except for the humans, but it didn't stick with me.

-The Girlfriend Experience - A Soderbergh experiment.  Better than Bubble.  Making the story non-linear just seemed like a technique to spread a thin story...thinner?  That can't be the analogy.  That's not something you'd do on purpose.

-Toy Story and Toy Story 2 - in 3D!  Hadn't seen these before, but part 3 is coming.  Except now I don't want to see it.  Part 2 was almost exactly the same movie the first one was, with the same jokes, the same one song, same...everything.  Seems like a waste.

-Zombieland - Yuck.  This is to the zombie genre as timecrimes was to time travel.  It's the smallest possible amount of story they could bother with and still technically be a zombie movie.  Just terrible.

-The Informant! - Hey, this was really good.  Soderbergh's 90s by way of the 70s.  Lots of great comics in cameo roles, cool story, funny, well done, this is the opposite of cinematic warm mayonnaise.

-The Strangers - Worth it for one long genuinely creepy shot of Liv Tyler on the phone, with one of the strangers hanging around in the house, unbeknownst to her.

-Redbelt - I heard sometime later that this is a movie people don't like.  Those people are wrong.  Fancy Mamet-y plotting unfolds, honor is preserved.

-KRAA! The Sea Monster - Truly a misunderstood horrible monster of the sea.  Courtesy of Doc Mock's Movie Mausoleum.  (still, better than the sequel, KRAAmer Vs. KRAAmer)