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Dead Air

"I'm going to go home and download that song.  Legally!"
"I said, 'I'm going to go home and download that song,' and then I said, 'legally!'"
"You can't say that."
"Why not?"
"Is music-sharing legal?"
"I think it is"
"Wait, it is?"
"Maybe it isn't."
"I think it is if one person paid for it."
"I'm not really sure how it works."
"Anyway, you should all know that WE are going to go out to eat after our show today!"
"We haven't even decided where we're going to go yet."
"I think I could go for Aunt Chilada's"
*ding sound effect*
"I think maybe it's not good if you're going more than three times a week though."
"It's Sunday, so I haven't been there at all this week yet."
"Wait, are we advertising them?"
"No, they are just a place that exists.  And has really good food."
"Oh, I don't go there for the food."
"And has really good...something else...even, I mean, but not unless you have ID"
"Oh, no, of course not."
"Of course."
"Well, since Mike was kind enough to come in and tell us that the levels were turned off--"
"Thanks Mike!"
"We love Mike!"
"He's smart.  He knows how this board thing works"
"But since he told us nobody heard our opening block, we're going to play our first six songs again"
"Oh, I don't want to listen to those again."
"What?  Why not?"
"I didn't like, like, three of them"
"You didn't like those?  I thought you said you - wait, what?"
"gestures on the radio!"
"I'm nervous!  I don't want to talk anymore!"
"Uh oh, she just walked out."
*Same 2-minute commercial for Ray & Mike's Deli plays three times in a row*

-College radio station WQAQ, now simulcast on internet, just in case any alumni should ever experience accidental interest, mild waves of nostalgia, swelling, or existential crisis