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More like AWESOME W. K.!

Got myself all distracted from writing this morning when it occurred to me to pursue Andrew WK records that I hadn't heard, and in fact hadn't been released in the US. So of course we end up on wikipedia after a while:

and down the rabbit hole we go, decoding (which is a nested number-letter code that works out to 'there is one more coming') and some more hunting around reveals 'the story so far' as told by someone who writes like a maniac:   (take heart, it's an incredibly long page, and manages to get a little bit less interesting as it goes)

So, Mr. WK not only makes such brilliant music as "It's Time to Party" and "Party Hard," apparently puts on performance art pieces that end up as party-concerts in addition to great big tours that go on for years (even when he's stuck in a wheelchair because he broke his foot jumping around on stage), and somehow has a live action TV show on Cartoon Network, where he combines teams of kids and really big explosives, but he's also got his own Conspiracy Theory (re: he's an actor playing Andrew playing music written by some evil faceless shadowy figure?) or more likely his own ARG (since every one of the sites with crazy codes and stuff on them are owned by his production company.)?  Hey, leave some awesome for the fish, huh?