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Yay big

Everything you hear about that's eh, about this large, [gesture], is said to be 'the size of a deck of cards.' Unless it's really small, then it's 'as big as a pack of gum.' But you look back a few years, and you'll see the truth, which is that 'the size of a deck of cards' is a euphemism for 'as big as a pack of cigarettes.' I mean, you've seen cards, you know, but that's not what they're really thinking of when they say it.

Eventually, will things be 'as big as an ipod?' I bet they won't, because you'd have to get into a chat about what kind. The one I got the first time my car got robbed is about as big as one of those flat packs of gum, like stride or 5. This new hard drive I picked up is as big as a moleskine notebook. And my old ipod, the one I bought? That seems huge now. It's, like, the size of a deck of cards.