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I get it now.

I made some small changes to this page recently. I noticed that some blogs I keep up on are little more than someone saying "here's my favorite web page I looked at today." To the extent that I do that, I mainly do it on my Google Reader shares.  So even though it doesn't repeat my comments, just the links, there's now a space on this page that repeats the last few links I've shared. Also, I've added a feed of what's going on with GreenGlassDoor.  Twitter is kind of fun in a not-THAT-much-fun kind of way, but I totally think Bill Corbett does it wrong, posting 6 messages at a time to get around the character limit.

Anyway, what all this means is that I have a new video out today, which I've written about in a blog post that I've shared in Reader, meaning that post is linked to in its own sidebar not once but twice since GGD also mentioned it.  

So....I guess that's what Web 2.0 is.  Perhaps I should also compress the video into the right codecs to be streamed as a live mobisode as a supplement to my forthcoming podcast.  That would be a great opportunity to synergize the brand while the iron is hot.  This is the kind of social, long-tail, forward thinking that won me my recent Award For Excellence!