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How it all works

Y'know how sometimes, Christmas with the Kranks comes out? In theaters? Well, in 1994, Tim Allen did Disney's The Santa Clause. Huge hit. Made it's money back seven times over just in the US, just in theaters. At the very same time, Home Improvement was the #1 show on television (produced by Touchstone (re: Disney)). AND, Don't Stand Too Close to a Naked Man, written by Tim Allen, published by Hyperion (re: Disney) was a best-seller. Just to top it off, Tim Allen would also give a voice to the new Pixar (re: Disney) cartoon, Toy Story.

So there you go. He can make whatever he wants. And he's earned Disney something in the neighborhood of 2 Billion Dollars doing it.

(this, from a comparatively uninteresting aside in James Stewart's Disney War, which is not unlike sitting at the foot of a gossipy ex-exec as he relates all the 'oh, yeah, and you'll never believe that THIS happened....' moments of corporate Disney from the 80s forward.)