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This isn't a post about Prop 8, this is a post about this banner ad.  I'd say it's about as useful and informative as any political ad I've ever seen.  It belongs right in between those ads that say "firefighters want you to support initiative 17A this Novermber" without ever mentioning what the hell initiative 17A is, and an ad that says "Vote no on initiative 17A this November, because we want you to so much that we bought an advertisement."


EDIT: Apparently, more people are up in arms about their google ads running that Prop 8 thing (legislative branch action to ban same sex marriages after the judicial branch found them acceptable) regardless of relevance or adsense filters that may have been in place.  Kind of like the Emergency Broadcast System, but with more hate than usual. And here I've gone and put it up on my own ad-free site anyway, just for being goofy-lookin'.