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Written by Rob Schultz (human).

Is that really something?

Are there actually people who believe that [terrorist organization] could sneak a politician into the system with the end goal of making him president, at which point he'll pull off a rubber mask and yell 'gotcha!' and now [terror] will own the United States?   And if so, shouldn't that be more or less allowed anyway?  Isn't that sort of thing the point of the idealized description of our form of government?

Or do they think it'll all be done hush-hush, like they get their guy in, and he makes sure that everything's cool when they try to attack us, and they have him arrange to do things to bring down the country from within, by misdirecting the public focus, damaging and dismantling 'public good' programs, tanking the economy, lowering our allies' esteem of us, peeling back civil rights...wait a