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Flip Side

So I've mentioned what's left to consume lately, (movie #1,345 went by the other day,) but have a look at a couple pages from the current sketchbook: List of Projects

This page is a list of projects - some started, some not.

(I'm not a paranoid fella about writing getting stolen, but you'll pardon the blurring of as-yet unwritten ideas and notions.)

List of Sketches

This page is a list of sketches - some written, some not. These are fuel for some of the projects on the previous page.

So never mind the things left to watch and read and hear and play, here's a partial list of what's out there to MAKE. To write, record, shoot, edit, code, animate, and push onto an unsuspecting public.

Boy, I'd better get going!

-'s another page from the book - a Bouncer from Bioshock, by way of the Kool-Aid man. I like how they run around doing jazz hands in the game.Oh Yeah!