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Bloody Hell

One thing that I think surprised me, like as soon as I got to LA, staying on a couch in Russell's apartment, trying to get set up out here, was how crappy 'Hollywood' seemed. I guess it's the same sort of decay you get in any major metro area, but I was still surprised. All the run down everything. And somehow, like an idiot, that's where I live now. And for the third time in about six months, I've been burgled. The first time was pretty quick after I got here, and then when I went out of town for a week someone took parts of my bike. This time was the car again. In the garage, again. Except this time the glass was smashed. All kinds of mess was made as the burglar searched for valuables, but somehow missed the tray of coins and paper money, again. Once again, they opened the glove box and didn't want any of the gloves. Once again, they didn't take any of the piratey stuff, or the tools, or the maps. The only thing that went this time was the sun visor CD holder, with maybe 8 or 10 TMBG and BMG CDs. There were several CDs loose in the cabin, and CD cases, and stacks in the doors, and those were all untouched.