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So my probably-stolen XBOX 360 got it's Red Rings of Death a couple of weeks ago. I went to the online form, which was broken, and I called their tech support, who made me confirm that the rings were in fact red, not green, and issued me a UPS shipping label to have the system sent back to Microsoft. Then, a few label-less days later, I called 'em up again and repeated the whole process, since they had no record of my original call. But they didn't really give me any grief about having a probably-stolen console, which was nice of them. Yesterday, I got an automated phone call at 7:30am to tell me to stay home today between 7am and 8pm, because UPS may or may not stop by, but if they do, it'll be between those hours. Good lookin' out, UPS!

...maybe it's not their fault. Maybe the brown truck is a quantum event!