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Son, you don't owe that panda a thing.

  • The only way my neighbor can sleep is to turn the TV up to max volume and let it run overnight. Usually this means Carson Daly. Last night it meant Friends. Now, I'm not much of a Friends aficionado, but on hearing that theme song at incredible volume it occurs to me, they had none of the problems described in that song. A song couldn't fit the subject matter less.
  • Cursory googling suggests that nobody has yet appropriated the phrase "American Pious" into some kind of intensely disappointing direct to DVD movie.
  • Here are two people displaying interesting musical skill, the first is inspired by Blue Man Group and displays some ingenuity, as opposed to poor costume skills and an imperfect cover version of a BMG song. The second, a feat it had not occurred to me might be possible.
  • Also, I'm not sure why, but Muppet Roommate did quite well this week, racking up thousands of new viewers. Last I checked, it's up to something like 18k between Funny Or Die and UCBComedy. This may make it the largest confirmed audience for anything I've ever worked on, seeing how just about every feature or short I've worked on for someone else has yet to see the light of day, and I'm not convinced anyone actually watches Smash Lab. Maybe some of the Solon Community TV could give it a run for its money! But it won't hold the honor for long. The train is coming....
  • And just because I've taken to greeting people the way Mr. Bell would have wanted (Ahoy!) doesn't, avast!