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Shaking my tiny fist...

I loathe the businesses that (hire other businesses to) paper my car and apartment with advertisements. Doubly so when they go into my garage in order to stick things on the cars. I was victimized in this way by a computer repair shop I shan't dignify with free advertising here. Among their many services listed, for $70 they'll run the automatic Windows installer or SpyBot. Driver update? $40, which is quite a bargain for them and the six minutes it might take 'em. Installing hardware starts at $50, but for only half that you can buy a French lesson.

In other news, I went for a nice pre-dawn stroll around the neighborhood this morning. In order to chart my progress, I collected yellow fliers everywhere I went. They turned out to be covered with filthy Mead Bold though, so they went straight in the dumpster on my way back inside.