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When LA is a good place to be....

I've gotten up to improvise eight times in as many days over the past week. I watched a guy eat something called a 'Chili Size.' I'm writing a great new show. I watched Memento Rifftrax. (and....16 Blocks, but it didn't make me cry.) Sunday, I took part in a 60 person guerilla music video for the UCB, got to break sugarglass botttles on heads and collect imaginary money. I wore contacts a couple days this week. Old, expired, dried out but then rejuvenated contacts. I managed to get a curiously shaped tan on the backs of my hands, thanks to long sleeved shirts. I took the time out of a 37 hour streak of consciousness for an hour's worth of nap. I had a slurpee or two, shot the first tech demos and teaser material for that cool new show. The train is coming!