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Re-blog from the Z-blog!

This week, Z-Rob is publishing diary entries of his trip to a Gargoyles (RIP 1994-1996) Con!  It's exactly what you think of when you hear that someone has a blog!  (Which is of course, 'awesome.')  Part of what I like best is that you know Z-Rob tells it like it is, so when I read: 

" I went downstairs, unpacked some essentials, took another minute to laugh at the ludicrous prices of the snacks available in the room..."

I believe it one hundred percent.  I suspect each item was laughed at individually, hence the time required.  And everyone knows PS2's are super quiet when they play DVDs, but that's how you can tell it's a truthful, subjective narration.  If you're a Z-fan, this is one week you can NOT afford to miss!