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Generosity is not Sustainable

I didn't read this NYTimes piece titled "The Luckiest Girl," but I did read this other blog by a film editor which was ABOUT it. The overt idea is that big problems are manageable in small steps, but the unspoken footnote is 'for the first few people to try it.'  There's a curve that winds through 'difficult and/or groundbreaking' into the territory covered by these articles, and back out into 'generally unhelpful, but very approachable by the masses.'

For instance - the first person to decide to send a goat to a family in another land probably had some genuine trouble in the sheer logistics of it.  Then, there's the school kids in the article,  they managed to do it and have a substantial impact.  So what if we took their example and EVERYONE started buying goats for the impoverished?  Then nobody has anyone to whom they might sell goat milk.  It's just inflation.  


(corollary - the willfully unhelpful side of generosity)