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Immature giggling

Sitting at work, which this early morning means digitizing tapes of guys doing welding.  Now, some folk'll tell you that staying up all night working on something, by the time you come through to the other side, anything can seem funny.

Other folks, they need nothing more than a (c)rude-sounding (but totally innocent) phrase - they might ask a Briton if he can borrow a cigarette from someone else on their behalf, in the hopes he'll go about the office trying to, and I'll put this in quotes, "bum a fag."

Now for me - all this welding?  Nope, hasn't got me chuckling yet.

But this is lots of fun:

Not dead yetNo longer living

According to my pal Brent, there's nothing in nature that teaches birds (known for being weird) how to cope with a big deadly fan blade rotating on a stick.

How could someone not want one of these in their yards?   It's like a big green recipe for hilarity, I say. Only thing better might be a box of hair.