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Oh, brain...

So I had a dream that tonight's the big night, the official competition that a team I'm on / class group I'm in has been training for weeks to compete in has been practicing for. As far as I can tell, it's been a recurring dream, in which I've actually been progressing in time - it's not the SAME dream each time, but each time it comes around we do practice this event (which is similar to evacuating someone on a stretcher), and other things have been developing as we the 'season' or series progresses. But what if it's not? What if the idea that it's the conclusion to a series of dreams is all a notion from this lone dream? I don't have any particular memory of pondering the other practices... I guess if we're going to get into that, I'd prefer the notion that this right now is the recurring dream other people are having....oh, brain!

So maybe I kinda do 'get' Blade Runner...maybe it just turns out that I'm not a sci-fi fan...

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