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Burgle updates...

So today I cleaned out the car, tried to look for anything else that might be amiss. I think, unless I'm just really disorganized or misplaced it while moving (totally possible), the burglar may have taken my camera tripod as well. I got it from Best Buy in Connecticut, so it wasn't too fancy, but it was still pretty good. I think it was in the back seat behind the driver seat, under the extension cord that wasn't taken.

In the front was where the bonus trash was left.

So I cleaned out the wrappers and a bunch of trash that was genuinely mine (and not stolen!), including napkins, receipts, and 35 parking stubs. One item stood out.


I don't know how you make this mistake. There's the speculation (by ME!) that the burglar was spooked and left in a hurry, hence not taking / finding the paper money, and leaving the trash.....

The back has been sanded or something - it makes for a nice 'brushed metal' look that I would actually prefer to a bunch of smudgy fingerprints (MY ipod is backed with gaff tape). It also makes good on removing the serial number.

It didn't turn on. I thought perhaps it was also trash then. But, the burglar did unplug my ipod charger and leave it behind....

It works! We'll see if it holds a charge - it's completely empty, and based on the language select, probably JUST had a factory reset done. It's obviously stolen. Is it mine now? Karmic compensation? Where do you even take a stray ipod? I thought there was a to-do a while ago about how apple doesn't care because they want you to buy more, and like I say, the serial's

Also, I just found out that the movie really is called "Step Up 2: The Streets," which is how I'd been referring to it ironically, as though it were really called "Step Up 2 The Streetz!" But my deliberate misunderstanding was founded in genuine misunderstanding, so I got it right. You win some you lose some, right there.