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Back in high school, in the colder months of the year, I could be more or less counted on to have a cough. It was a subtle thing, more an idle habit than an affliction. I don't recall having it around in recent years, but it's something I'm bringing back. And the rich LA air is doing its part to help give me a worrying - if not menacing - sound.

So far, I've got it going about a month. Since, say, the 6th or 10th of October. I might let it rest up a couple days here and there, like a muscle that needs a little time off to grow stronger after a particular stress. With this regimen, my cough can grow mighty and strong!

Officially and technically, of course, there's absolutely nothing wrong with me. At least not in the sense of 'things that can cause a cough.' I don't waste time on nonsense like running a fever or exhibiting symptoms of flu. If you were looking for an apt description of my lungs, one could do worse than to say they were "textbook perfect." The cough doesn't interfere with breathing-related activities, like running, singing, speaking loudly or at length, or describing my cough in specific terms.

..but still...that cough....