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Back by popular demand....

Alright, here're some things: -The feature I was editing last time I wrote about working isn't done yet. The production may or may not have actually shot more footage that I haven't even seen yet. I haven't spoken to anyone on or about it in quite some time, and I'm somewhere in the middle of a color correction pass and finishing off some digital makeup fix stuff.

-Gripped on a short about 'an intern for the Tonight Show.' (carefully phrased, lest you think the short was for the Tonight Show, though the hope seems to be that they might show it or put it on some official website somewhere.) It was fun to be out playing with lights and things instead of sitting at the final cut workstation.

-Loaded on a music video, plus or minus an on-the-spot visual effect and some still photography (Indeed, I should add some photos! To the Internets!) What an excellent set. The team seemed to have a very good idea about what they meant to shoot. We were well-fed and promptly paid. Various crew memberswere treated appropriately to their position - which is to say, as the (digital) film loader, I was not ordered to move bales of hay or prepare the craft services table. Unsurprisingly, this treatment makes me much more likely to be willing to lend a hand when C-stands and sandbags need to move. Just a fine experience.

Those are the items of the recent past. Some portion of my self-something is based on Knowing Stuff. It's good, I like it, I think it's good. So totally failing is disappointing. Today's little plague: That girl Erin from QU who looked like a 70s-era Piper Laurie. Last name totally eludes me, and isn't important, and won't benefit me after I remember (or if I'm lucky, some QU reader writes in to tell me). I just want information to...stay. It's not even someone I'm likely to ever meet again, just, y'know, c'mon brain! I kinda thought if I wrote all this it would arrive in my mind by the end of the paragraph.

Then there's this other thing I've got cooking, that isn't going to be mentioned any more specifically than that. I figured before that if I told everyone about something I wanted to do, maybe I'd be held accountable and have to work a little more. Since Animal Crackers isn't done, I'm going to try an opposite tack with this, since nobody I know is hip to it yet. I'll just bring it up in past tense someday.