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Seducing Spirits - Almost Locked!

In professional life, there's only been one person who has ever called me lazy. (She was later caught sleeping on the job to the detriment of the production going on elsewhere in the building.) Nonetheless, I was sure feeling it this week. Took days and days to slog through what should have been some much faster work. Then a very effective meeting with the director and we're just about picture-locked. I have some animating and jazzing up of a couple scenes to do, and then we're handing it over. The post-production audio will begin, as will the color-correction and VFX (re: painting out a couple more booms).

In order to do the CC I'm going to need a bit more hardware - I'm looking at a Dell 2407WFP and Matrox MXO combo. The trick will be finding the monitor in town, which will sure cost more, but save a week's shipping. Whether or not that's even important depends on other circumstances though...

I heard a term somewhere, sometime recent, that I thought was pretty good: "First-world Problem." An example is "would I like to earn money at a decent job, or would I prefer to sit around lazily for a month, accepting that I won't receive income because I have enough money to survive?" We should all be so lucky as to have such a problem, eh? The specifics of the rub are do I want to try and squeeze in a month-long gaffer job between this and the next editing gigs - and whether that will even be possible. It would mean doing the finishing on this film in one week, and just a couple days to prepare for the next one. Not doing it means having extra time to finish this if need be, possibly a chance to pick up a bit of an older project, and time for some writing projects that are brewing.

Turning down a show someone called me to do for the sake of laziness isn't a real thing, but it soothes the conscience if I don't take it because I can't meet their schedule. It would probably be fun, so I'm still going to go hear the details on it this week.