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Vegas 2.6

We started with some food, then off to the Palms (which was apparently hosting a festival called Cinevegas) for a screening of Spider-Man 3 in IMAX. I liked it rather more the second time around, I think. Still weak in a couple of places, and maybe one too many maudlin moments, but good. (It would be okay to have non-spidey scene that didn't require all available actors' eyes to be welling with tears.) Apparently my uncle, his two sons, and another Great Lakes employee are also in town today, but for no particular reason we never ran into them. We went to the Mirage, played some games for a bit. I came out ahead and then we walked across the street to the Venetian for a second meal at the Italian place we ate at on day two. Got almost the same meal, and it was still very good.

From there, we walked on over to Treasure Island one last time. I started at a $5 table that quickly ate $40, then went to a $10 table that swallowed the other $60. Bought into a different table, dealt to by L-names, including lisa, linda, and lori. Linda is the only dealer I've met that admits to gambling on her off days. Whilst there, I played along with four others who had all been seated for a while and are probably still there as I write now. I think everybody was doing a fair amount of winning, and if not, the good cheer was more than making up for it. I was winning for the most part. The guy next to me, Bryce I think, was there with his dad as well, and he and I were dealt same hands many a time, including blackjacks. This was a six-deck table with a constant shuffling mechanism, to which I attribute the fact that I very rarely busted when hitting. It so happened that on at least five occasions that I pressed up my bet for no reason, I was also dealt 21. There was a lot of excitement whenever it was possible for someone to double or split, and I guess I never did get the chance to try a hand of tens split four times. I suspect I'm not communicating effectively what a good time this table was, but I assure the reader at home that if I didn't need to be awake in a few hours to catch a flight back to LA I would be there right now, potentially increasing my winnings even further. As it is, I colored up after every one or two hundred and when I ran out of small chips and dad was done playing (as one hundred of my winnings got him rolling again at a three-card poker table), I called it quits, said my goodbyes and handshakes and whatnot and cashed out.

A short jaunt back to the Wynn and a few successful runs of slot machines later, and we're up in the room, packing up and preparing to fly home tomorrow. The comp'd limo arrives at 8:30, my flight is at 10:30, and dad's is at 11:30. A pretty good vacation and profitable too. We split the winnings and I'm going home with rather more than I had to start. Soon it'll be back to Seducing Spirits. I may even do a bit of it to get a jump tomorrow evening, though laundry and other general-life events will also be necessary. And perhaps some banking.