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Vegas 2.5

Last day of the conference. Still no e-mail this week, which is just as well, but unusual. Lunch with Jamie before his plane. Trip to the treacherous Venetian. Back to the Wynn and a cheap outdoor table. Slow bleed, of course. Back to the Venetian, small dinner, and then Blue Man Group. Almost in the center, fourth row poncho section. Loudmouth whiny folks behind us. I thought it might start with Above, then noticed patches that looked different on the screen...29 marshmallows, one dropped...tried saluting, and clapping off the light, and the fan woohoo on the start of Klein. Saw the full version of TV Heads, the new rods and cones and utne, got faked out into thinking we might still have white rabbit before chant jam. Really impressed with the staging in the Venetian, very cool. As we left, I had the following conversation with one of the handlers during the autographs: -Hi, are you a venetian employee or a blue man employee? -Blue Man. -Hey, glad to meet you. I'm Arben on the Blue Man Message Board. -So? -So I was hoping you could tell me who our blue men were tonight. -That information is confidential.

Something of a change from the very friendly and helpful girl I spoke with when I saw Russell and Isaac at the Luxor. So I took a few shots for later ID.

Cashed out of the Venetian and walked over to Harrah's. Sat at a bad-odds table for a while, neither winning nor losing particularly. Won a deck of cards, enjoyed the dealers, and watched a gentleman burn through two grand playing a couple hands at once complete with sucker side bets.

Last day tomorrow - vacation's nice, but I'm probably ready to take my leave of Las Vegas once again.