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Vegas 2.2

Fancy shower facilities here. Took $400 downstairs and fed it to the craps table. Went upstairs, played computer blackjack and saw how blackjack should turn out, not like the table from last night, and took some more money back downstairs to work on retrieving the losses of the morning. Did fair service in that direction. Came upstairs to meet my dad, the winner of the convention golf tournament (and winner of various side bets and contests) - he gave me his prize, a short sleeved jacket with the efi logo on it. We went to the casino and tried the poker game that did him so well last night, but like everything in this place, it's too expensive. (Sat at one table in the morning and watched a fella lose 27 straight hands, burning up $3k in less than 20 minutes.) We met up with Jamie, then Robert, then sat around a bit. And then...the utterly underwhelming opening presentation of the conference - they start with a video set to baba o'riley and using stolen clips from dozens of popular commercials...just a woman smiling from an AT&T ad, for instance, lots of that. Then the viewscreens accidentally displayed the notes of the speaker, who would go on to show totally fictitious charts, weak analogies, and plugs for products, plugs for companies that were attending, and plugs for the casino. The speech ended and fed into the reception where we were treated to such delicacies as 'ham slice wrapped around a bread stick,' a bunch of desserts, and a rousing game of 'spot the crab man!' I've gotten no e-mail in the past couple days, and by 7pm pacific, the sopranos was up for download, though we haven't got HBO in the rooms to watch for ourselves.

We walked to the Venetian, home of an excellent italian restaurant. Even when I misspoke and botched my order, they took care of me and brought us all fantastic meals. I suspect there are a lot of opportunities for great food in a small area out here. This hotel features the fake daylight, ceiling-painted-with-clouds gimmick I recall from the Paris, oxygen bars, and Blue Man Group. We bought some expensive but I would wager very worthwhile tickets for Wednesday night. Would that Kristy could be here to enjoy them with us on her birthday.

We looked about the expensive nighttime gambling, then returned to the Wynn, where we threw some cash at the slot machines. On my second machine, I actually did quite well, and racked up $140. We put the 40 into another pair of machines, and I'll lose the 100 tomorrow.

Dad's probably still ahead overall. Today was -300 for me. Net for the trip: negative $480.