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Vegas 2.1

I'm going to stray a little bit further into pure drivel blogginess for a few posts, just on about my vacation. Whatever. It's my website, I'll do what I want. Up and at them! Flew in from the Bob Hope Airport, rode in the provided limo to the hotel. Should have swiped all the bottled water from the limo. We're in a suite at the Wynn, which is nice enough, but it's kind of a shame because this hotel is meant for a subset of humans that doesn't really include me. There's a blackjack table here with minimums roughly equal to my savings. It's not even in the high rollers' lounge. I also don't see the appeal of the reserved tables. You're going to lay down five figure bets on a craps table in order to play alone?

Anyhow, I found my dad and we checked out the ever expensive hotel and casino. He racked up $90 in a few minutes on slot machines. I got a twenty he gave me up to twenty-six, and then fed it to the one-armed idol. We went to a meeting relating to the official reason we're here (a conference regarding technology used in my family's printing business), where I was surprised at how interested I was until serious ineptitude reared its head. I also drew some of their board members, not to mention people at the airport in the morning. Haven't spent enough time drawing lately.

An IT guy joined our party at the meeting, and we again walked about the casino a bit, then left for friendlier waters. We got an excellent steak dinner and then made a visit to Treasure Island for some more gambling. We three sat down to a game of $5 blackjack that proved amazingly formidable. Never saw that dealer bust. Six people at the table just lose lose losin'. This is where we began to split up - dad to more slots, and eventually some kind of poker; Jamie of IT to...the sake bar; and I spent most of my time at a craps game before a last shred of single-deck blackjack.

At the craps table I dropped $20 and made back everything lost earlier in the day, and then bled it all back into their coffers, watching a couple of folks around me make thousands before continuing on their way. Met a fella while I was doing it that probably told me enough to track him down on the internets - aspiring filmmaker. I haven't really got anything to offer someone on their path to making short films for internet festivals, but I always want to. At the last blackjack table I saw a guy trying to lose in order to go do something else, and pulling it out at the last second for a win that kept him around a few hands more each time. He found a situation where he was 'all in' and wanted to double up, so he broke out an extra few hundred bucks, doubled, and won it all. He's probably still there.

So, day one....including money given to me for gambling, I lost $180. Dad seems to have won at least $540, though his net is surely less than that. And even though I live in the dreadful los angeles air, my eyeballs aren't at all used to so much secondhand smoke.