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lazy lazy (2nd attempt)

(luckily, I copied this to the clipboard before posting, because the internets here have sucked so powerfully the past few days...) So we shot through the weekend. Directed more b-unit stuff (secretly just A-unit working unpaid overtime) on Sunday. At some point chunks of crew passed the 'let's make a good film' mindset on their way to the 'let's go home now' mindset. I understand that the more hours they work they less they get per hour on a show like this, but why not do a respectable job, especially on the last day?

The flip side of that is feeling faintly like a sucker for being so concerned and runnng around the set rallying and fixing things when it's not my film and not my job to do so. But I have, and although I couldn't stop the film's action setpieces from being turned into cutaways, hopefully they are better cutaways and more accurate to the previously shot dialogue that describes them.

Remember how filmmaking is like going to camp? Further evidence of this is in the in-jokes and quotes, some of which undoubtedly echo with slight variations at lots of similar camps/movies. To this end, I offer "El Pollo Loco is how a movie says it doesn't love you anymore." I went to one such restaurant once, and it seemed to be a taco bell-like fast foodery. But on sets it is represented as tubs of foul fowl, slaw, thoroughly frozen and steamed vegetables, and of course soft tortilla shells/wraps that serve no obvious purpose.

And as long as I'm putting off editing a bit longer, I might point out that I just saw some of TV's Bill Maher. Strikingly unfunny individual. At least on his own show. Loves a good pander though. Now back to syncing audio...