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So I did get that on-set editing job aformentioned. If you're making a more-or-less straightforward drama, or comedy - something with self-contained scenes - let's say, having the ability to pull in your footage from P2 cards and cut a scene together while on location is probably a pretty useful option. If your movie is all about the flashbacks and quick cuts of scenes to be filmed at the end of your shooting schedule...well, not as much. It did turn out to be useful, since checking the daily footage did reveal problems in the rental gear, and I got a head start on the assistant-type duties. No shots that I deemed missing ever made their way into the schedule, and for a thriller like we're making here I might as well have had tapes delivered to me at the end of the day or end of shoot.

I suppose I won't say much about the movie itself, except that it's a kind of thriller / murder mystery (the type of thing you might not be surprised to see Ashley Judd in, for instance) with some good character actors you recognize but might not know by name. My part is to try and tell a story with the footage shot, which so far is something of a departure from the script.

That's what I've been doing for the last seventeen consecutive days. Managing and thoroughly backing up the data recorded on set and now chopping it all to little bits. I've been able to arrange now to be permitted to work on this from my apartment instead of from a dining room table an hour's drive away, for which I'm grateful, and I managed to get yesterday off, which is also pretty great. Last week, while shooting was still in progress, I got to the 6:40AM screening of Spider-Man 3 in the Cinerama dome (general thumbs up. 2>3>1, and ends in a suitably dark place that would let me happily throw out part 1 and make this the middle film of a trilogy.) but yesterday was a full fledged no-work, catch up on the rest of life kind of day.

Part of that day was spent on the 1975 film Overlord, which is a lot like those verses of the Illiad that describe in great detail the lineage and property and heirs and favorite meals of a given greek soldier before informing us that he died. In this case, an especially hapless briton that never saw Sword. It also includes stock footage of the truly amazing Panjandrum.