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Moving right along...

Hey, I'm getting my act together here. Just landed a job as more or less an online editor, for a project shot in DV. The catch is that it was shot in a 24fps simulating camera mode, but isn't really 24fps footage, and any other final cut pro settings you can think of were probably also adjusted into wrongness. Then there'll be color correcting and some light VFX.

Also interviewed today for another post, as an on-set editor. That'd mean dumping P2 cards and assembling footage, while everyone else runs around making a movie. And because I'm tied up with one and then maybe the other of these things, I got to turn down some grip work for the week. Even with a current job, I find myself applying and checking the ads as much as ever, since I'm getting the best rate-of-reply to craigslist ads I've ever gotten...which is probably still less than 50%. I could almost start to fret about not getting the thing that comes next before remembering that I've actually got a decent gig at the moment.

And even though it's probably paying what really ought to be the bare minimum acceptable amount for the kind of work being done, everything else thus far has paid so much worse that it seems like a ton of money. It's got me thinking of all the fantastic things I can purchase now! I mean, I'm not trying to brag or anything, but I'm thinking of purchasing a bed pretty soon.

I've also made some things for people looking for someone to do motion graphics and titling. They're not great, but it's a little AEX practice here and there.

I also seem to be running around more, maintaining a steady diet of one episode of Homicide: Life on the Streets per night, and sorting through a lot of on-set photos and such. Those'll find their way over to flickr soon enough.