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1,112: Foreign Correspondent

Yeah, I know how to strike up and operate a carbon arclight. You don't? Should've had the inventor of banded cable and dozens of everyday, household professional film lighting instruments show you.... I'm getting faintly more post-oriented. The PC is up and running, if not with full accoutrements. What a mess! Losing that editing drive, then mostly recovering that editing drive, it's left fragments of work all the hell over the place. I used to have a system for keeping things findable across my many hard drives. Complex, but a system. Now it's everything everywhere. Without adding drives, I don't really have the space to put everything right. The obvious solution is to finally (as in ultimately) complete and put to rest various old things, and burn off backups of whatever is going to need it.

Also considering making one of those "Hey, here's a lot of stuff I've worked on all chopped up into one big music video that doesn't really show you anything at all about the original work itself" things that people like to see. Of course, a lot of work is in Premiere's DV codecs, and Final Cut refuses to play nice. I'm excited for Premiere CS3, especially since I could run it on a mac if I had to. I want to see it suck up market share, but I suspect I won't get to use it for money any time soon. Shame.

Another post I wrote most of and then abandoned for days. It started strong, like Foreign Correspondent, which was great for at least an hour or so, and then gets muddied, slightly confusing and less interesting, and lands in the sea.