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Updates, in brief

So...Zombies Ate My Prom Date wrapped its principal photography a week ago. I was kind of sorry to see it go, but I'll be glad to see it come back, in the form of a finished and hopefully fun to watch flick with monsters and such. I put in a couple days on a short about what can happen when you're drinking but can't use your hands for anything except more drinking. It's primary social circle was the Tonight Show.

Then there was another Cougars taping. They sort of paid me to sit and enjoy an hour or two of sketch comedy. One sketch, over and over, but still. (Karmically, this balances out sitting in a tiny apartment for two days under 4k watts of light for free).

After both of those AND the zombie movie, there was a short called 'paranormalists.' The PSCs of which include a school in Ohio and New Line Cinema. I don't know if it was/will be any good, but I sure learned a lot. I learned about picking up a grip package from a rental house. I learned about the thorough use of flags and nets when presented with only three lamps, all of which are too strong for the small location. I learned that even google maps doesn't get it right everytime. I learned how to build and strike down a PortaJib in 15 minutes or less. I learned that it can be important to make sure the co-workers one refers to the production will be reliable, and as a corollary to that, who will be the first to get axed by a production that suddenly needs to decrease its expenses.

Oh, and there're the fortnightly question testing sessions for ODVD.

All of that is what I've been up to. Along with attempts to get to the Tomorrow Show (saw Scott Thompson last time I went) and ASSSSCAT at UCB on weekends when work doesn't preempt 'em. And yourself?