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Regarding the Zombies, vis-a-vis my prom date...

We're at the halfway point in shooting this fine film, and after a week is about when it seems a crew will...I guess I was going for 'gel,' so to speak. They'll congeal (or coagulate!) or else they'll separate (or suspend!), in the sense of mixtures. That is, after a few days 'in the trenches,' the G&E crew (for instance) will begin to know the looks and styles the DP is likely to prefer. "Oh, okay, indoor evening scenes will always have the following tungsten lamps, and they'll be on dimmers," or "Okay, this scene is in the gym where the prom is, so a blue wash will come from this side, more color from the stage." Perhaps shorthand is developed. Perhaps ne'erdowells have been sacked. And as a whole, shooting should be getting faster, as the team grows familiar. BUT

Once your crew starts buddying up, and stops fretting about making a good impression and getting to know everyone else; there's a certain danger to treating co-workers like old friends, instead of as a professional. The desparation of low budgets can keep on with crew that would have been thrown off bigger sets.

[That's where I stopped writing this one and probably went to sleep. I'm sure I was laying the groundwork for some kind of point I wanted to make, but by now, I've no idea what that point was. Ah well.]