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Hey, where'd that post go?

I thought I had a post here about how suspicious craigslist has been. I was describing events that took place last week. There was a neat ikea couch for sale. I underbid the asking price, like you do, and then saw that the retail price was 4x the asking, so I had my roommate offer more. I was told that there was a fierce 'bidding war' that was going to keep me out of it, and he was told he had a deal. He also found a neat recliner he thought he'd like (the roommate, not the couch salesman). Both were scheduled to show up one night, around 7pm. And although the couch was listed on CL again the next day, for more money, neither seller was ever heard from again.

Tobin arranged to buy a television. He drove far away to pick it up at a reasonable price, and after checking it out, the owner pretended to have recieved an offer on the same item $150 greater than the deal that was about to close. Unwilling to match the price of the imaginary buyer, Tobin drove a long distance home. The same TV was up for sale again the next day. Tobin would later purchase a different set, with a discolored screen and no degauss button.

A different pair of couches were found, at a reasonable price. We drove to meet them at their storage locker, waited a couple of hours, and went home with no couches at all. We met a woman about a microwave, at her own apartment, but she was not there. Mike bought an inexpensive chair that left him feeling at least as betrayed. Apparently, the thought is that a $10 office chair should permit a sitter to lean slightly to the left without being dumped on the floor.

I have accepted several jobs editing short films in exchange for roughly $10 per editing day in food. E-mail was exchanged, deals were struck, and then I noticed the same job posting again on CL within a day or two, and without another message ever sent my way.

It seems like we encountered further injustices that escape me now...I wonder why people post their ads if they don't want their jobs to be done or the items to be sold?