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A series of entertaining events.

Saturday night (practically Sunday, in fact) is when one might find the Tomorrow Show, as hosted by Brendan Small and Ron Lynch and Craig someone. They're joined by a number of acts, in this particular case a fistful of standups who each had at least something I liked, a musician who sang a few songs (not all of them in french), and a magic act. I don't think it's supposed to be free, but it IS three hours long. I got there late and nobody took my money until I took a Coke. Sunday nights is a night for ASSSSCAT, an improvisation provided by the Upright Citizens Brigade. I was worried it would be extremely unfunny, and this worry was entirely unwarrented. There were things I especially liked, but I promptly forgot them all. I do know that my successors to the Anderville Hostel in Hollywood, CA were improvisationally shat upon repeatedly. I threw a hotel key into the Bucket of Truth. I think it was leftover from my work on Three Short Stories About Suicide, the production that unrepentantly stole the scarf I got for Christmas one year.

And last night. Well, last night - and this isn't every Monday, but it was last night. That's when the How To Be A Megastar 2.0 tour rolls through Universal City. It's really like 2.2 or something, since it's been rejiggered since I saw the first leg of the tour in Cleveland. I bought my seat about an hour before the show and got a reasonably close (maybe as far out as the back of the NY venue) seat, centered. This is what the second tour is supposed to be, and it did a fine job of rocking the Gibson Amphitheater. The Current and White Rabbit are gone, Piano Smasher is back, there's a new version of paintcheese (at the expense of a $4,000 joke), some arrangements have been adjusted - in some cases to make up for a change in vocalists. Tracy Bonham is gone, and so is her violin. The new opening act is Mike Relm, a DJ with the gimmick of scrubbing videos that sometimes coincide and sometimes drive the audio. I didn't like his set much, and although he worked well with BMG on Your Attention, I'm glad they didn't really call attention to his return to the stage. The energy and pacing of this version of the show is much better than last time. The impression is that the show is really going on forever (in a positive way), as each flow ends and the next begins. There are some other new places where music is played in addition to the video displays, and some of the video parody segments have been cut, which is probably for the best.

Also, in a nice bonus, I met some of the Blue Man Message Board members who were attending. I jotted down some seat numbers before I left so I was able to visit with them before the show, and by trailing them afterward, I got a sticker and the chance to go back to the performers' cafeteria and look at the Blue Man for a couple of minutes. The sticker implies that some people paid money for that opportunity, which seems silly to me, because aside from the Coke I nicked backstage, it's probably not worth a lot of money to just get to look at them some more. I guess it's a photo op / signing thing, which people dig. All that said, I'm very grateful for the chance to enjoy a little free bonus like that, which BMG does a fine job of doing for their fans and MB members, and I usually miss out on enjoying due to my own ineptitude. I heard Chris Wink was wandering around, and I saw Matt Goldman (the Blue Man Founder, not the Time Lord) after the show. I spoke to neither.

In 'relevant' news, I got my street parking pass yesterday, my Burbank Public Library card, and a sign for the candidate I'm supporting in the upcoming 8th district councilman elections (Go BRIC!). I don't totally mind that now that Tobin's car has arrived he gets the garage parking, because I don't like parking in our garage much. It does suck cruising around for a spot on the street late at night when everyone's home though.