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Vehicular Mans-Laughter!

Today I met some of the Cougars. Specifically Casey McAdams and Troy Hauschild. Tobin and I helped them to shoot as much of a sketch for the pilot they're assembling as possible before it was time to go watch basketball. I found myself operating camera a lot more than I have in a while, especially for someone else's thing. I guess that'll happen when your sketch team and production team sums up to two (2) people.

I guess I won't blow the sketch by describing it, but it does include Randy the dummy getting splattered across a windshield, because he was able to do more takes than Casey would have. Apparently (I missed it, operating camera and all) some women driving by saw one of the hits and freaked out.The cougars' delight that we were so new to the city gave way to lots of helpful tidbits of advice. I hope they'll come straight to us instead of craigslist the next time they're ready to shoot. Sorry to the 75 other applicants who wanted the job - we were there first.