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1,102: La Moustache

So I've been up and down hollywood and sunset blvds, and followed mullholland dr around for a while. Yesterday I met someone I've known for years for the first time, which is usually an odd experience. We went checking around some apartments-for-rent that we called earlier in the week. Two were average, one was pretty neat. Everything recently replaced, and featuring a totally useless fireplace like everywhere else around here. But the real value of a place like that is having a landlord who knows what time it is, which way the wind is blowing, and where his towel is. In just the two hours we spent together so far, he revealed any number of truths about the New World Order at work, how Hitler was a British Agent financed by the Bush family which shares blood with the modern Queen of England. All that stuff the Vatican doesn't want you to know. I hope that he'll really appreciate and prefer tenants who can talk with him about that sort of thing.

And of course, as we were meeting and viewing the apartment, our esteemed potential third roommate was booking flights across the continent for him and his automobile. So I found my way to LAX today to collect him.

So now we either get a phone call and a new apartment, or we start searching all over again.

Also, I borrowed one of Russ' netflix discs while he was out working, and saw a French film that starts out at something near the sensibility of a State sketch and gradually works its way in the direction of Michael Haneke territory. Overall pretty good, but I would have rather had an answer than a message. 3/5.