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(looks like I forgot to hit 'publish' yesterday) Yesterday I woke as LA friends were just getting in from their evenings out - still living Eastern was to my advantage in hitting the road.

Through much of AZ, I was able to travel anywhere from 85-120MPH depending on whether I had a travel buddy nearby. It's fun to start to 'know' the other drivers on the road. I never saw a single speed trap or cop laying in wait to catch us vile lawbreakers, but I did see a black pickup pulled to the side of the road with a cop car just behind it. Twice. Poor bastard.

Gas throughout the nation is down to about $1.87, I guess. Except just inside the CA border, where it's $3.30, and there are no more gas stations or rest stops for around a hundred miles. About 60 miles out, I hit an amazing slowdown. At first, I thought I was near the destination because traffic was so bad, but apparently, it's just bad there for no reason.

I arrived in LA and it turns out there's a Russell there, who lives on a giant rock. We spoke of the Z-Rob times in our lives, and tried to play some timing-dependent video games that appear to be on a 1/10th second delay.

Right on time for the past few days, I awoke at 7am. Eastern. Back to sleep to try and get the hang of this part of the world.

Along the trip, I was touring fast food that doesn't exist in my previous world. First was White Castle, which is technically in and around Ohio, but I hadn't gone since I was six or seven. Gooey, full of onion, thoroughly unpleasant food. Day 2 started right with breakfast from a Sonic. The toast sandwich was very good, but the potato things that came along for the ride were not good at all. A lunch was had at Carl's Jr. and The State fans know I should have had a chicken sandwich, but I got a burger instead. It was good, but every bite somehow filled me with the impression that I should not continue. Good fries though, like the kind BK had back when they were publicizing the millions of dollars spent on a new recipe. And a very good minty shake. Yesterday was a stop to Jack-in-the-Box, which I only know from its famous poisoning of customers years ago. Decent chicken sandwich, lousy fries, very entertaining apparently elderly hispanic couple that spoke with elderly jewish accents and behavior. Didn't hit In-and-Out, but I was told separately this morning of how I ought to, and I just might.

Still no picture postings here. I'm going to go exploring instead.