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Greetings, from Cuba!

Cuba, MO. I did alright today. I wanted 1/3, and I got more of 1/4, but tomorrow I won't spend so much of my initial waking hours packing, cleaning, saying my goodbyes to Carol, the desk clerk of the hotel, etc.

The roads were oddly empty, and everything did flatten out considerably once I passed Columbus. Refuelling took place in Indiana and Missouri. I got some pictures which might have been good, but neglected to bring the camera USB cable up to the hotel room, so they will have to wait. Listening included TMBG Podcast 21, Slate Explainer and Creative Screenwriting podcasts, 'I'm sorry, I haven't a clue," Ben Stein, Blue Man Group, and some bizarre radio stunt victim.

Also, my LA housing situation may have fallen apart. Maybe I could get a job with [as] to make up for it?

It is apparently an enormous hassle to embed some google maps into a post, so I just took a screenshot of today's route.

And here's what's Left.