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1,100: Kelly's Heroes

Today was a more aggressive day of packing, cleaning, etc. The standard for vetting old junk around here has changed since I won't be here with it, and lots of stuff is going out. I've just about got most of my stuff that's staying boxed away or shelved, so I'm going to load up the car and then broom away what's left in here. I think I timed out my evening to finish everything necessary to being ready to tomorrow's scheduled blizzard. Aside from that, maybe more for my dad, maybe so I can have some time to prepare some less important things, I'm arbitrarily putting this off one last time. I guess this kind of slacking is what comes with not being expected anywhere by anyone at a specific time or day. If anything, it might wear on the patience of my prospective Kansanian hosts that I keep saying 'no, tomorrow' to, but hopefully not even that.

All the HCM DVDs are burned and traded away so they can be pushed on an unsuspecting public. While finishing those up and labeling them, I finally watched Kelly's Heroes, which helped break a numeric goal I had set for myself before leaving. It's kind of silly, kind of low key, and kind of immoral, but I guess it's a fun adventure of the 60s imposed on the 40s. The mismatched dialogue isn't as distracting as the mismatched hair.

I've learned, from movies and especially videogames, that it's always okay to kill a nazi, but I really got the impression of our Heroes here to be a bunch of murderering bastards, because even though they're only killing nazis by the barrel, it's actually totally unprovoked. These soldiers are just bank robbers, wandering from town to town blasting all the Jerries they see along the way. Have you ever seen more innocent nazis?