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1,099: Throw Momma From the Train

Spent the day going through belongings, trashing some stuff, preparing other stuff to be archived here in Ohio for the time being (all the QU stuff, get in that box over there! Empty CD cases report to this box here on the left!), and trying to get the rest in some sort of shape to travel. I managed to take my desk apart. That'll be a savings, since it's a good desk for computery work. I've got my checklist here which isn't truly all that useful, and I'm burning away, making copies of the Horror Convention Massacre on behalf of Old School Sinema. Also today, I catalogued most of the stuff in my room by scanning UPCs via webcam into Delicious Library. That program seems to do it's job just fine, except for its inexplicable hatred of Terry Pratchett.

Ended the day with Throw Momma From the Train, which I'd picked up on VHS for a buck a few months ago and not gotten to yet. I don't think I'm taking my VHS deck along. And it's lucky that I didn't take it along just for this thing. It's just this side of awful. Billy Crystal stars as Billy Crystal, and Anne Ramsey reprises her role as Mama Fratelli. She's pretty good, but the rest was really a lot of tripe with just the barest hint of hitch - next time, I'll just go enjoy Strangers on a Train one more time. A generous two stars here.